Japan Music

Japan is an ancient nation, and as such, their music (original music) is quite different than what you’d expect. Maybe the biggest difference between the western world and Japan, when it comes to music, is that the intervals in Japan are mostly based on breathing, rather than mathematical timing. Unlike some cultures, most of the…

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Making Origami

Origami is a technique used for folding paper in order to create some kind of shape. The most popular shape is the paper crane, but there are thousand different things you could make with origami. Japanese masters believe that no tools should be used for folding, however, as this method isn’t so sacred and special…

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Tokyo: Train Stations and Suicides

train station suicides

Everybody likes ghost stories. Huddling around the campfire swapping tales that would make the hair on your nape stands. It gives us a sense of mystery, that there are still things that couldn’t be explained by science. Every city has its own ghost stories: a headless priest, a dead inmate pulling his ball and chains,…

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J-Pop Extends Fan Base Overseas

J-Pop Invasion

Through the years, Japanese pop artists have made a considerable fan base around the globe. With their impeccable dance routine and captivating voices – not to mention their stunning good looks – these artists have risen to stardom inside and outside their country. Fusing of musical genres Aside from capturing the hearts of foreign fans,…

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