Cherry blossoms swaying in the breeze. Women in kimono sipping tea. A tall, snowcapped volcano that hasn’t erupted since 1707. Kabuki armors lining in racks standing silent in the hall.

You and I already both know what I’m describing, right? Yes, indeed: Japan. But this site isn’t entirely dedicated to the whole country, but rather to Tokyo, its most famous city.

The things listed above haven’t faded as the symbol representing this culturally rich country. But as times passed there are also other things that have been associated with it.

Drifting cars, anime, J-pop superstars; punk rock bands with their colored hair and spiked jacket, and so many things that have popped up over the years.

And these symbols and these cultures that have evolved in Japan encapsulate Maps of the Sounds of Tokyo. We are not a travel blog, per say. We’re something of what you may call region bloggers – those that are writing about a single place yet offers different experiences.

And Tokyo is exactly that.

If this city is in your list of places to visit, and if that time is nearing, then you stumbling into this blog might be more than a coincidence. Read through our pieces so you’ll know which places to visit.

If you’re hungry for music, we have it. Travel, it’s in there. Interested in obscure venues that might add some spice in your nightly walks in the city? Say no more.

We’ll make everything interesting, and cover from the mundane to the most odd. Every city has its peculiarities and Tokyo is no exception.

Of course we’ll throw in some news in there, politics and such, but best believe that we’ll only be including those of profound importance, humorous, or interesting. Other issues than that and it’s going through the chopping block.

You might ask, “How will I know you’re not just hyping the place up?” Well, judging from the thousands of foreign travelers that are inundating the city each year I think the statistics speaks for itself. Besides, even if you haven’t been in the city yet, you may have experience some of it in movies, yes?

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Kill Bill: Volume 1, The Wolverine, The Grudge, The Last Samurai are just some of the few of the Hollywood films that were shot in Japan.

Filmmakers have been allured by the city’s both day and nocturnal life. The neon lights, electronic beats; the busy street of Shibuya crossing – these things and more makes Tokyo a unique place to visit. Throw in a dash of weird but delectable dishes and the foreign air of the city and you’ve got a magical place.

This is why it’s so fun to write about Tokyo. You never seem to run out of things to cover.

So if you’re enthusiasm to the city equals or soars higher than ours, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be releasing a few posts each month. If you wish to catch our attention, please let us know using our contact page.