J-Pop Extends Fan Base Overseas

J-Pop Invasion

Through the years, Japanese pop artists have made a considerable fan base around the globe. With their impeccable dance routine and captivating voices – not to mention their stunning good looks – these artists have risen to stardom inside and outside their country.

Fusing of musical genres

Aside from capturing the hearts of foreign fans, some J-pop artists have also caught the attention of other foreign artists. Take Momoiro Clover Z, for instance.

Since the group was formed back in 2008, they have ascended to stardom in Japan topping the country’s musical chart with their upbeat tunes, as well as incorporating a number of genres into their song from pop to punk and heavy metal. This genre fusion has led them to meet and perform live with one of America’s most iconic rock band Kiss, and also resulted to Paul Stanley – Kiss’ frontman – to pen two songs for Momokuro, as they are known to their fans.

While others might disagree with the odd mix of middle-age rock stars and young J-pop idols, the two group still performed at Tokyo Dome last March 3. Others say it was a success, while there are those who say that it wasn’t what they were expecting.  The crowd was a mix of black-shirts, leather pants, and a riot of multi-colored outfits as audiences who attended have dressed base on which band they were there to see most.

But it isn’t just Kiss that has collaborated with Momokuro. Marty Friedman of Megadeth has also made contributions to one of the song in their 5th Dimension album.

Momokuro means to take advantage of their increasing popularity in Western audiences. This is more than just striking iron whilst it’s hot. It’s more like throwing gasoline into a flickering fire as the group intends to release their two albums in select Western market with the plan of expanding their following more.


But it isn’t just Momokuro that is making a noise over foreign soil. The electro-pop group from Hiroshima, Japan known as Perfume also made a huge buzz after their performance at the 2015 South by Southeast Festival at Austin Texas.

The group getting invited was the result of their successful concert tour that included Europe and the Northern America. Their performance in Austin was regarded as phenomenal by those who have seen it live. The trio’s performance used projected images and adjustable translucent screens where the members danced in front and behind of – all the while being inundated by patterns and shifting lights.

The video of the performance is available on Youtube. Since it was posted, it has accumulated over a million views and varying comments from different fans around the globe.

There’s still a vast majority of Western audiences that hasn’t been exposed to J-pop artist. It’s still difficult to tell whether or not they’ll be as successful as their Western counterparts such as Katy Perry or Taylor Swift what with the language barrier and all.

However, this isn’t a hindrance for these Japanese idols; more like a challenge to rise further from where they are now.

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